Technical communication workshop

CANCELLED in September 2020 and replaced by

A 30 hour workshop by France Lafleur, Ph. D. and Jean-Paul Bardez, DESS, M2

Participants will be delivered a participation certificate to this 30 hour workshop, stamped by UQTR. For this session, the communication language will be French.

The workshop format is ideal for grasping the complexity of the transition from informal ideas to a verbal, than a written shape in the field of professional technical communication in a company. We will pay particular attention to unfold the untold and the unwritten, which is key information our presence is meant to reveal.

Workshop will happen over Zoom over an entire day connection, with three 1 hour highlights: information and tools for the day, follow up, and daily wrap up.

Basics on « writing » and on the meaning of the term « technical » will be provided, followed by hands on experience of the notion of technical process, and user friendliness. Several commmunication modes will be compared for efficiency (face-to-face, phone, and e-mail).You will also experience what clear writing means, by testing your prose on real users. Many non-technological tools will be provided, and you will be shown how to design your own  tools.

You will experience looking for the « untold », the « unwritten » and the « unknown ».

During these 30 hours, you will produce technical user instructions that you will test and edit according to the collected feedback. Their theme and format will vary from a pdf document to a video.